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How can I make my regular monthly payment?
Where can I find information about my previous payments?
How can I find out how much I have paid in interest?
Am I able to make interest only payments?
How do I make principal only payments?
I would like to pay extra with my regular monthly payment. Will it be applied towards the principal balance?
How long will it take a web/phone payment to be posted to my Gateway One account and pulled from my bank account?
Can I set up biweekly payments?
I made a payment and received a confirmation number but the payment is no longer showing on the account. Where did it go?
Can I make a payment with a credit card?
What is your monthly payment mailing address?
Can I make my payment at a local TCF Bank branch?
What should I do if I have not received my monthly statement or have misplaced it?
How is my interest calculated?
How much is my late charge and/or insufficient fund fee?
How many days after my due date before a late charge is assessed?
How do I update my current automatic payment information?
Will I continue to receive my monthly statement in the mail after I setup automatic payments?
Is there a fee for online payments?
Will my automatic payment automatically stop once my account is paid off?
How can I cancel my automatic payments?
Can I make more than one payment in a month?
Where can I find my routing number?

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